natural beauty collection on cow suede

Natural Beauty Collection on Cow Suede

Natural Beauty collection is all about subtle detail. Classic elegant pattern is completed in soft gold, silver, olive and bronze metallic colors on luxurious neutral cow suede palette.
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Ambient Garden Collection on cow suede leather

Ambient Garden Collection on Cow Suede

Ambient Garden is a playful versatile collection, suitable for many uses and applications. Intricate pattern in chameleon changes color as the light hits it, and looks great on both neutral and bright base colors.
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Cutting and Perforation

Textured look you never expected is possible Here at Rainbow Leather, we pride ourselves in creating unique, one of a kind custom designs, and we have many ways of doing it. One of these ways is to create texture on leather by cutting and perforating it. The technology for making these scales is still very new, and not too long ago was only available in Europe. Rainbow thought out to bring the technology to the US, and now we are the only local company that is offering this latest industry development at a very reasonable price, with a short lead time of 5-7 business days.
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digital printing

Why Digital Printing?

We can create your vision! Rainbow Leather is committed to providing you the best service in custom digital printing so you can keep up with demands of fashion and achieve success. Our custom digital printing service allows designers and manufacturers to offer unique and one-of-a-kind products having to resort to large volumes orders that usually takes weeks or months to produce.

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hand painting artist


The same way art exists not only in paintings and sculptures, but in every part of human development and innovation, art is a big part of the daily operations at Rainbow Leather. That’s why partnering with Valerie Lynn became a natural progression for the company on their mission to create unique custom designs. Now, with the help of Valerie’s talent and her eye for detail, Rainbow Leather is happy to offer the service of hand-painting on leather, extending the possibilities even further.  

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Rainbow Inspiration trends

Rainbow Trends S/S 2017

There’s always a place in our hearts for rainbows. Maybe it’s the fact they seem a bit magical and represent our dreams coming true. Or maybe it’s that there’s no visual delight quite like a union of every bright, happy color in the spectrum. For example, Valentino’s handbag and shoe collection comes in bold and colorful chevron print, a must-have this season.
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