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Introducing Rainbow Leather- Design Pool

You may have noticed on one of our product pages that you now have the option to have our patterns printed on leather and cork. We are thrilled to have partnered with Rainbow Leather to bring these options to all Design Pool users. Recently, we talked with the team at Rainbow Leather to learn more about their business and products.

Who is Rainbow Leather?

Rainbow Leather is a second-generation, family-owned business located in Queens, New York. They operate printing, cutting, foiling, embossing, and custom painting fabricators of leather and other materials. Rainbow Leather was founded in the 1970s by Samuel Lipson, a local craftsman who learned the leather trade from his father, a Polish tanner who launched the business out of his home. Over the years, Lipson and his son Rick expanded the company’s capabilities, added materials beyond leather to their offerings, and developed new and innovative ways to customize leather. Today, Rick is the President and CEO, continuing his father’s legacy. Printed cork

What do they have to offer?

Rainbow Leather manufactures and designs leather, cork, and fabric using various techniques such as custom digital printing, embossing, foiling, perforation, and cutting. They also provide custom printing services on a wide range of materials, including wallpaper, wood, acrylic, metal, glass, vinyl, ceramic, and much more. Their customers include a range of companies and independent designers, and they are constantly looking toward growth. They believe strongly in building strong relationships and helping small businesses grow by providing quality products that suit their needs. There are many interesting pieces of equipment on the floor in their facility. Most of their machines are advanced and unique in the domestic printing industry. In particular, their large format UV printer allows them to print on virtually any substrate in the market. Also, their newest laser printer can cut and engrave leather, wood, acrylic, glass, and many more materials. The possibilities are endless with these two exciting new machines. As they look toward the future, Rainbow Leather has invested in being a more sustainable business. They have installed solar panels at their facility and use a dry process in their printing and production with no liquid or paper waste. They also source sustainable materials for their products whenever possible. Rainbow Leather is excited to partner with Design Pool. “What I like most about working with Design Pool is the exclusive prints and patterns. In today’s world, consumers are interested in a variety of options and uniqueness,” said Rick. Here at Design Pool, the feeling is mutual. We are so excited to work with Rainbow Leather to bring our customers more options for all their printing needs. On a trip to New York last fall, our team toured this facility and saw its capabilities. We know you’re going to like working with Rainbow Leather! Posted by: Kristin Crane

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