Magic Halo collection on cow suede

Magic Halo Collection on Cow Suede

Magic Halo collection is playing with iridescent finish on different cow suede colors, from neutrals to brights. This design is fun and eye-catching, it's small intricate pattern is perfect for accessories, shoes and upholstery applications.
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natural beauty collection on cow suede

Natural Beauty Collection on Cow Suede

Natural Beauty collection is all about subtle detail. Classic elegant pattern is completed in soft gold, silver, olive and bronze metallic colors on luxurious neutral cow suede palette.
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Ambient Garden Collection on cow suede leather

Ambient Garden Collection on Cow Suede

Ambient Garden is a playful versatile collection, suitable for many uses and applications. Intricate pattern in chameleon changes color as the light hits it, and looks great on both neutral and bright base colors.
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"The Beauty of The Design Is In The Dots"

The precision dots of our leather perforating capabilities deliver the exacting, custom details of your design. We offer custom perforation service with capability to perforate different kinds of leather

Expand Your Possibilities With Custom Printing

By combining perforation with custom printing you are able to greatly expand your creative options. Custom perforation allows you to add another dimension of design to create a fabricate that is truly extraordinary and one-of-a-kind.
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